Chris Demchak

With degrees in engineering, economics, and comparative complex organization systems /political science, Dr. Chris C. Demchak is the US Naval War College’s Grace M. Hopper Chair of Cyber Security and Senior Cyber Scholar, Cyber and Innovation Policy Institute (CIPI) – formerly the Center for Cyber Conflict Studies (C3S) which she co-founded and directed. Her research and many publications address global cyberspace as a globally shared, complex, insecure ‘substrate’ underlying the critical organizations of digitized societies, creating ‘cybered conflict’ and a resulting, rising ‘Cyber Westphalia’ of sovereign competitive complex socio-technical-economic systems (STESs), and inducing an urgent survival need for a ‘Cyber Operational Resilience Alliance’ (CORA) among advanced democratic allies. Demchak takes a systemic approach in focusing on emergent structures, comparative institutional evolution, adversary/defensive use of systemic cybered tools and artificial intelligence, virtual worlds/gaming for operationalized organizational learning, and in modeling systemic resilience (‘cybered conflict model’) against normal or adversary imposed surprises that disrupt or disable largescale national systems.  Having studied the LISP programming language – as well as serving as a military officer, she has taught international security studies and management, comparative organization theory, enterprise information systems, and cybersecurity for international/ national security issues. Recent articles include “The Four Horsemen of AI” (in Wright, ed. AI, China, Russia, and the Global Order, 2020) and “ ‘Sea-hacking’ Sun Tsu: Deception in Global AI/Cybered Conflict and Navies” (Tangredi, ed. AI at War, forthcoming 2021).  Recent books include Designing Resilience (2010 co-edit); Wars of Disruption and Resilience (2011); and two manuscripts in production tentatively entitled Cyber Westphalia – States, Socio-Economic Resilience, and the Rise of Great Systems Conflict, and Cyber Command: Organizing for Great Systems Conflict.