A Comprehensive Research Agenda

Toward a Comprehensive Research Agenda

Since its founding in 2003, the Cyber Conflict Studies Association has striven to further the field of cyber conflict through diversified research and through the promotion of an interdisciplinary dialogue.

In 2005, Chairman of the Board James Mulvenon published “Towards a Cyberconflict Studies Research Agenda” in an effort to pioneer the development of cyber conflict studies as a field of study. CCSA’s research since then has been largely inspired by this agenda.

In 2009, the Cyber Conflict Studies Association was awarded a grant to further cyber conflict as a field of academic study by writing a monograph exploring the numerous aspects of cyber conflict such as strategic-level issues, operational-military issues, legal issues and arising new concerns such as the role of non-state actors. This monograph, entitled Deepening Foundations of Cyber Conflict was to be accompanied by a primer on critical infrastructure, and a study on cyber research and development.

In 2010, the CCSA held a Conference on Cyber Conflict that sought to review and discuss the progress of the forthcoming monograph and key research issues confronted.