Bridging the Gap

Held in late fall, CCSA, in conjunction with the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs, hosts the Workshop on Bridging the Gap (BtG) in Cyber Conflict.

Distinct from SOTF, this workshop is designed to bring together senior research scholars, professors, and senior-level practitioners to a structured engagement opportunity with PhDs candidates and post-docs.

Whereas SOTF is interdisciplinary, BTG is geared to political science and international relations. Organized around conceptual lines and breakout workshops, this event allows works-in-progress to be aired in front of emerging researchers and senior academics and practitioners alike.

Topics include the state of the field of cyber conflict, best practices for research design, methodology and execution, emerging trends in policy, relevant operational questions, and the application and expansion of cyber research beyond academia.

Discussion are led by moderators who propose the panel topics around the broader CCSA-defined research agenda and conversations follow Chatham House rules.

BtG moderators range from senior academics, policymakers, operators, PhD candidates, and post-docs.

Perhaps the most important elements of BtG is the emerging researcher led discussions. BtG presents a forum for researchers to present their on-going research to a wide range of experienced, senior academics, policymakers, and operators in the cyber conflict regime.

The call for moderator proposed panels, emerging researcher papers, and participates is released in late summer. If you would like to participate in BtG, please contact us.

Past Workshops & Agendas

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