Robert Schmidt

Board Member Robert Schmidt

Mr. Schmidt is a Founder of Delta Risk LLC, a Founding Member of Intelligent Cyber Research, and a plank holder of the Cyber Conflict Studies Association. He is also a Founding Member of CyVantage LLC.

CyVantage is currently working with the Norwich University Applied Research Institute (NUARI) in support of the ongoing SIFMA “Quantum Dawn” series of exercises for financial institutions. In addition, he is advancing the DECIDE project (a cyber exercise platform) for NUARI within the Oil and Gas industry to advance the interests of creating a more resilient energy sector with exercise platforms and scenario development.

Mr. Schmidt is a guest lecturer at Johns Hopkins University (MS Intelligence Analysis Program) and authored a paper titled: “Money, Money Laundering, Commodity Money and the Problem of Tracking Asset Transfers in the Global Banking System and Third World Economies” for the Department of Defense Rapid Reaction Forces. This paper was followed by additional work on terrorist financing and a paper titled: “The Cryptocurrency Fallacy and Common Misunderstandings Regarding the Nature of Money”.

Mr. Schmidt served on the Board of Directors and was President of the InfraGard National Members Alliance (INMA). InfraGard is a collaborative public/private infrastructure protection organization supported by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Mr. Schmidt spent the first 15 years of his career as a member of the commodity and options exchanges in Chicago. As a member of these exchanges, he held a number of appointments. Mr. Schmidt’s appointments at the Chicago Board Options Exchange included Chairman SPX, Chairman FLEX, Financial Planning, Business Conduct, Arbitration, Floor Officials and Facilities Task Force committees; and, at the Chicago Board of Trade, he was appointed to the Dow Options Committee.

During his time in Chicago Mr. Schmidt was integral in the operational development of revolutionary products like the VIX (often referred to as the “fear index”), and the FLEX product for trading the S&P 500. Mr. Schmidt was also called upon to educate regulators at the SEC, CFTC, Treasury, Federal Reserve, and OCC regarding new products and regulatory filings/changes on behalf of the Exchanges.